mercredi 27 mars 2013

Bahta Kessete

My name is Bahta Kessete.  I am from Eritrea, a small country in north east africa.  I have been here in france since 2009. When i first came here in France, i didn't speak French, so i had to join a special class in a secondary school, which was called "une classe d'accueil".  This class was meant to help new comers to France to learn French as fast as possible. Once i finished the academic year of 2009/2010 in that class, i opted to join " CAP en electricité". To be honest, i chose to study electricity, not because i was passionate about it but, i had no better options on the table. For the last two years, i studied electricity and i got my first diploma. And now i am pursuing my studies on the next level "bac pro elec".
  If there is some thing i am passionate about in electricity is, the fact that we can produce a renewable energy. Energy which is pure and sustainable. It's pure because it has almost has no negative impact the environment  and  it doesn't cause air pollution. Its sustainable because, the sources of this kind of energy are natural, like the sun and the wind so, its continuity is assured. Know days most of the energy produced in the world is from nonrenewable energy like crude oil and coal as a result, the impact in the atmosphere is very alarming, from the global warming to the respiratory diseases caused because of the harmful gases produced specially by cars. Statistics shows that cars are the most contributors of air pollution in the world.
  So it would be a big pleasure for me to be part of a team which will work on producing a car which functions by pure and renewable energy. And ultimately less air pollution and securing the health of mankind

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